This 5-Year-Old ‘Savant’ Is Showing Signs of Telepathy

Besides his perhaps unusual habits of preferring to read scholarly literature instead of playing with children’s toys, Ramses Sanguino’s “high functioning” form of autism may come with other superpowers.

You may not believe in telepathy, but what if science could support that it may exist in some individuals? This is the case with Ramses’ maternally-acclaimed telepathic abilities.

Check out Ramses’ abilities:

The numbers don’t lie. The fact that he was able to correctly predict the values on three of five randomly chosen cards – a 1/729 chance – is not something to ignore. However, whether the study of his abilities is “cutting-edge” as the Daily Mail claims is still up for debate.

‘Telepathic’ Genius Child Tested By Scientist | Barcroft (via The Daily Mail)