Why You Don’t Need a Squatty Potty to Poop Effectively

You’ve probably heard about the Squatty Potty.  While technically not a bad product, you don’t actually need its help to poop effectively.  All you really need is your feet.

This is ridiculously simple, and you can check out the video above for a greater explanation and demonstration.  All you need to do to assume enough of a squatting position on a toilet is to push up from your toes so your heels rise and your butt sinks a bit more into the toilet.  This should feel like a minor squat and you should feel your sphincter align well enough to squeeze your turds out without the help of a shit-shaming plastic stool.

Of course, good hydration and a fiber-rich diet will help you more than squatting, so if you’re having real issues taking a dump you should take those up with your doctor rather than this blog or a pooping unicorn on YouTube.