Do You Even Flex Your Vagina? This Video Game Can Help

At first it may look like a sex toy, but this Bluetooth-enabled blob that you insert into your vagina can help you maintain the longevity of your lady parts by preventing conditions such as uterine prolapse. Through a series of interactive games, the Elvie can guide you through Kegel exercises in a way that can help you know whether you’re doing them “right.”


(Image via Elvie)

While the effectiveness of this particular product is yet to be proven, there’s a chance that the Elvie is at least a step or two above performing pelvic floor exercises alone.

(Featured image via Flickr)

You Can Now Use Your Vagina to Play a Video Game | Broadly

  • If you’re ever in doubt about your cervical fluid observations, always record eggwhite cervical fluid in the app, even if the fluid might be obscured. You can note any ambiguity in the Journal section in the app.