Sick of the Bible? This Kickstarter Wants to Fund a Queer Version

It seems that as of lately, the Bible has gotten some bad publicity as various Christian Churches feel the need to enforce its views quite literally on society. Rather than continuing to trash talk this collection of books that, regardless, still carries immense historical significance, Robert Whitehead wants to change the Bible for what might be the better.

The Queer Bible, a Kickstarter campaign that has surpassed its pledged goal by a little over 1 thousand dollars at the time of this writing, is how Whitehead wants to do it. With just 73 backers and 9 days to go, the campaign is marked as a “Project We Live” by the Kickstarter team. The aim of the project is to publish a revised version of the Bible consisting of an “inclusive, celebratory space within the text that undoes the implicit sexism, misogyny, heterosexism, hierarchical oppression, slut-shaming, etc. and reconstitutes the feminine, the queer, the outcast, the strange.”

You can read more about Whitehead’s ideologies surrounding the upcoming work over on the campaign page.

Do you find yourself wanting a Queer Bible?

The Queer Bible by Robert Whitehead | Kickstarter

Featured image by Riley Kaminer via Flickr CC.