Now Even Dildos Will Come in Drone Form

It seems that just about everything nowadays is turning into drones, but what about sex toys? Turns out those are being made available in drone form as well. When your hands are full, the Dildo Drone is everything you’ll need for your dildo-ing needs. Check it out in action after the break.

Supposedly, the dildo drone will fly straight to where you want it to at the touch of a button, although we’re a little skeptical. Sure, it may have four propellers, but where’s the vagina or asshole detector?

Disappointingly, Dildo Drone’s website says the product is “cuming soon,” with no indication of if or when you’ll be able to buy one. But the thought counts, right? Hopefully a version that works with dicks will be made at some point, too!

Featured image by Richard Unten via Flickr CC.