Legally Blind Astronomer Can See Deep Sky With His Naked Eye

A legally blind man is an astronomer, and he can see the night sky better than me or you.

Tim Doucette is legally blind. He was completely blind when he was a baby due to cataracts, but after undergoing surgery Tim got 10% of his eyesight back. While that may not seem like much to me and you, that 10% makes Mr. Doucette pretty special – he can see objects in “Deep Sky” space.

Tim’s dilation combined with the fact that he lives in Nova Scotia where there is limited light pollution makes it so he can see more dim stars than most other people. How is that possible? For a person with no vision problems, your pupils will adjust when it’s bright or dark out to keep good vision (much like a camera). At night, pupils dilate to become large so much more light and detail can be let in for your brain to process. Because of his surgery, Tim’s eyes are dilated all the time, making it easier for stars in the far distance to be seen and processed. 

His special gift and his love of astronomy led him to opening his very own observatory that you can visit. Dreams do come true, Tim!

Legally Blind Amateur Astronomer Can See the Night Sky Better Than You | Oddity Central