Tired of Drinking Alone? Introducing Cat Wine

A new invention is made so you’ll never have to drink without company again, at least for all those cat-and-wine lovers out there.

The kind folks at Colorado based company Apollo Peak created a new product that is a wine made just for your kitty cat. So grab your Snuggie and your furry friend and settle in for a solid night of drinking!


Cat Wine – Moscato

With flavors like “Moscato” and “Pinot Meow”, your feline friend can sip on a combination of catnip and beets while you down your fourth glass of Two Buck Chuck.You’ll never have to face shame when you look in the mirror after a night of solo-binging again. Because the drink is catnip based, your cat will be able to indulge while you indulge, relax while you relax, make bad choices while you make bad choices. It’s the best co-dependent drunken friendship that was always meant to be.

While there is no alcohol in the cat wine, the ingredients are all-natural and safe for both cat and human consumption. 

What a delicious addition to the Wino Wednesday routine. Thanks, Apollo Peak!

Cat Wine Exists Now, So You Never Have to Drink Alone Again | Cosmopolitan



Image courtesy of Apollo Peak