How To Give A Little When You Give Yourself A Little

Do you ever want to mastrubate and give back to society simultaneously? Well look no further than the new website!

The new porn website encourages mastrubation by offering a service that gives back to charity every time you watch a pornographic video. 

Two students, using psuedonames Adam Lee and James Cook, created this website after a drunken night partying. Their mission? To make mastrubation and porn-viewing a little less selfish by letting viewers use their time and energy to give back to society.

The charities they give to go towards cancer research, supporting victims of sexual assault, and ending revenge porn. Every time you watch a video, Lee and Cook donate one penny to one of those organizations. On a test run, the IJustCame team was able to make over $1000 in what they called a “very short amount of time”. That’s 100,000 pennies, or 100,000 views of pornography through their website.

Unfortunately there is a limit–you can only use this service twice in a day and you must space your “donations” at least 15 minutes apart. So spare 30 minutes today and donate to a charity! You know you want to.

Porn Website Promises To Donate To Charity When Viewers Masturbate | Huffington Post