Weekly Roundup: July 11 – July 15

This week at Awkward we talk about dumpster diving, twincest, cremation, charity porn, and disconnecting from sports.

Could You Get All Your Food From Dumpster Diving?


One man says he can live off of the food disposed of in dumpsters. I don’t think I can stomach it!

How Can I Get My Brother to Fuck Me?


Adam writes advice to a young man in a sexual and romantic relationship with his own twin brother.

Can You Be Too Fat For Cremation?


Awkward Human writer Lindsey answers the Question of the Week.

How To Give A Little When You Give Yourself A Little


A new company donates money for the porn you watch, find out more above!

Why I Unplugged From Sports

basketball shoes

Awkward writer Luke tells us all about ending his sports addiction.

That’s all for this week, folks! Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you back next time for the Weekly Roundup. Don’t forget, this day ten years ago Twitter was launched, so make sure you go pick a pointless fight with strangers within the 140 character limit today!

Images courtesy of Fuzzy Gerdes/Flickr, Vladimir Wrangel, Tony Alter, and Anthony Langley/Flickr