PokéMoan, the Sex Toy You Never Wanted

After the successful launch of mixed reality game app “Pokémon Go!”, the world has distracted, perhaps even annoyed, at the amount of Pokémon in our daily lives. Etsy storefront GeekySexToys has taken it one step further by introducing their line of Pokémon themed dildos named “Pokémoan“.



The new dildo line offers four different styles of sex toy: The Bulby, The Charmy, The Squirty, and The Piky, with each being named and modeled after four of the most famous and popular Pokémon.

The 100% silicone toys come in a variety of different shapes and colors. And for those who are mega-fans of the Pokémoan, they can get their very own special limited edition set and case!

The toys start at $50.00 with the Pikachu inspired butt plug, going all the way up to the combo pack of all four for $199.00. According to the Etsy storefront, they have less than 100 toys left in stock, so get your Charizard inspired dildo quick before some other horny nerd gets to it!

I think I’ll stick with Pokémon Go! as my daily distraction, but thanks GeekySexToys for trying to keep things interesting in the life of a nerd!

Pokémon Go-Inspired Dildos Are Finally Here! | Dangerous Minds via Mattheyós

Image courtesy of Pokemoan