The Size & Virility of Your Eggplant Is Related to Your Koi Pond?

Like all cultures, Japan loves sex. Of course, the island nation also loves fish. Naturally, these two passions have conjugated. Below is a short, but potent documentary on the koi. Is that a koi in your pond or are you happy to see me?

The following short documentary examines the koi’s role in Japan. The filmmakers interview breeders, tattoo artists and contest judges to learn about theses very expensive fish. Koi is an informative video with a fun quality to the edit. There’s also animation mixed in which explains the connection between koi and dragons. As I eluded to above, the koi is linked to a man’s penis as well.

The documentary is part of a Minimovie series by the Submarine Channel. Minimovies are 8–10 episodic shorts which “form a self-contained story.” Koi is part one of the Being a Fish in Japan Minimovie. It looks as if Minimovies are no longer produced, but I personally look forward to learning about Grillz and the weird world of the Ig Nobel Prizes. That is, after I relieve some stress by tending to my koi.