How Dennis Rodman Broke His Dick-Three Different Times

Retired NBA player and eccentric party man Dennis Rodman has graced the world with a video explaining how he broke his penis three different times.

In a segment of VICE’s new show Party Legendsformer Laker’s player and Kim Jong-un’s best friend Dennis Rodman opens up about he broke his dick three separate times. Watch below:

With the hilarious animation and relatively at-ease voiceover, this video is pure comedic gold. The first penis break was the result of a running start, the second with some eager force, and the third nearly resulted in blackmail. While any man might recall these tragic incidences with horror in their eyes, Rodman handles it more carefree than you might imagine. 

We should all hope for as mellow of a response as what Rodman had during his unfortunate sexual escapades. Hope all the best to your penis, Dennis!

You Can Break a Penis? Dennis Rodman Did — 3 Times | LiveStrong