Weekly Roundup: August 8 – August 12

Welcome back to our weekly roundup! This week we’re talking about hitting dates with cars, reality TV suicides, a Michelin star street vendor, opposites, and ayahuasca.

Dating Advice: Try Not to Hit Your Blind Date with Your Car


Thought your first date stories were bad? You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard this.

Reality TV Suicides & Schadenfreude

camera face

Reality TV stars commit suicide at alarming rates and we might be to blame.

Street Vendor Earns Food’s Highest Award

hanging chicken

A street vendor has been awarded “the gold medal for food”, his first Michelin star.

Is “Opposites Attract” Just A Myth?


For the Supercharged Question of the Week, Awkward writer Lindsey Brunken tries to mythbust an old adage. 

My Ayahuasca Trip at the Santo Daime Church

aya brewing

Awkward writer Luke Reppe shares his experience with the infamous drug Ayahuasca.


Thanks for joining us this week! No matter how hot it gets this summer, thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Greenland Ranch, California!