Weekly Roundup: August 15 – August 19

This week we’re talking about the thumb people, landing the ladies, augmented reality pornographic music videos, post-mortem fingernails, and Division 1 football.

People Who Look Like Thumbs: Do They Really Exist?


We all have seen them, but do thumb people truly exist? Find out more.

How Do I Get with the Ladies When Everyone Thinks I’m Gay?


Our fearless leader Adam Dachis answers the age old question.

Masturbatory Music Video: Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore (NSFW)

Is Tropical

In our very NSFW article we bring you a fantastic song with a risque music video! Enjoy at your own risk.

Why Do Fingernails and Hair Grow After Death?

Awkward writer Lindsey Brunken solves the mystery behind this creepy and grotesque Supercharged Question of the Week.

The Unique Abuse of Walking Onto a Division 1 Football Team


Awkward writer Luke Reppe tells us about his Division 1 athlete experience, and the secret hardships it included.

Thanks for joining us! Today I learned one of the first things Buzz Aldrin did when he landed on the moon was pee, just thought you should know that too.


Images courtesy of Stock Photo Secrets, Is Tropical music video, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and John Martinez Pavliga/Flickr