‘Tinder of Food’ Raises Some Interesting Questions

A new app lets you choose what to eat by swiping right or left on photos of dishes. Let the food hookups begin!

Food upstart Entrée borrows the Tinder model to help you choose your next meal. Presented with a photo, you can “swipe right on dishes that you like and left on the ones you don’t.” After perusing the food porn, users can select a dish to view the corresponding restaurant. From there, you can find reviews and even order delivery. Other than introducing a gimmicky way to decide what to eat, Entrée also promises to learn your preferences over time to actually predict what to hook you up with for dinner. 

With a “curated dish image database,” the app presents a glossy, appetizing photo of each option. Which begs the question: Are you choosing your meal based on how fuckable it looks? Won’t this lead to an abundance of hot dogs, roasted corn, and burritos populating the app as people build their preferences? And if Entrée is the “Tinder of Food,” what does that make Yelp? Do reviews, location, and hours of operation make Yelp the Eharmony of food: an outdated, tedious way of dining sinking in the face of people who really just want to drop trou and get some warm baguette action?

Outside of sex-related quandaries, the inner workings of the app are also questionable. Where do Entrée’s photos come from? If the answer is restaurants, then how is it any different than a series of advertisements? And won’t restaurants just use the old glue-and-toothpick trick to make their food look as fuckable as possible? As the app is only available in L.A., New York, and Washington, D.C., the notoriously harsh foodie crowd will likely demand answers. Or maybe they will just use it for some afternoon zucchini delight.