Start Your Morning With Easy Weed Coffee

With weed coffee pods coming soon from San Diego cannabis company BrewBudz, you will be able to prepare a proper morning beverage with your Keurig. Unlike K-cups, which get dumped in landfills and create lazy, tasteless coffee, the weed pods will be a sustainable way to get “the medicine you require.”

Launching in six states by March 2017, BrewBudz cups will give fans of hot beverages and weed a convenient way to enjoy both. Offering a line of coffee, tea, and cocoa, the bud company will also sell varieties for recreational and medical use. Their standard pod will include 10 mg of THC while their medical option contains 25-50 mg of CBD (the non-psychoactive compound valued for its health benefits). In addition, you can ramp up for the day with sativa-caffeine cups or wind down with decaf-indica options (For those unfamiliar with the terminology, a good shorthand is “indica=in-da-couch”). Why not just smoke a joint with your coffee? In addition to the “discrete method of delivery” and “healthy alternative to smoking” emphasized by BrewBudz, weed coffee also has an inspiring history.

In the 1800s, a group of Parisians known as the Club de Hashischins would drink a hash butter/coffee drink to fuel their “meetings.” As a group of intellectuals, writers, and artists, they would sit around and get stoned while discussing their respective crafts. Known to inspire the creativity of the members, the coffee-cannabis beverage is still celebrated today. So excitement for the BrewBudz product not only rests on getting high in the modern age, but a revival of past weed coffee tradition. BrewBudz also provides a sustainable product, unlike their mass-produced counterpart.

As “over 14 billion K-cups are sold annually,” most from non-recyclable material, BrewBudz’s 100% compostable pods are a promising upgrade in comparison to the single-serve waste of most Keurig beverages. The cannabis variety is also made from recycled coffee beans. You can feel good about starting your day with weed coffee—both from the cannabinoids rushing into your brain and the lower environmental impact. As cannabis laws continue to loosen, weed coffee could also be coming to your local spot.