A New Device Can Determine Which Foods Make You Fart

By tapping into a simple test, the FoodMarble AIRE calculates what you can and can’t digest. And no, you don’t have to put it in your butt.

Life with digestive problems is rough. If you have a sensitive tummy, it often means ending a meal with a clenched buttocks and an awkward trot to the restroom. Or waking up in the middle of the night wondering why that Mexican food left your system so hastily. It could be Montezuma’s revenge, or it could be that your body doesn’t digest certain things.

Experiencing a fist of spicy fury barrel its way through your insides will lead any sane person to change their diet. But what exactly are you going to eliminate? Some may make the smart, conservative choice and get rid of all dairy, gluten, glucose, and anything else satisfying. For the rest of the sensitive stomach population, the choice boils down to eating delicious food that may make you poop your guts out or substituting for a tasteless option. Enter the AIRE: a way to calculate exactly which things are making you sick.


According to engadget, the device conducts a hydrogen test—the same procedure you would undergo if you visited a doctor for gut problems. Undigested matter sits in your stomach and produces excess hydrogen. The hydrogen is absorbed into your bloodstream and exhaled through your lungs. When you breathe into the handheld AIRE, it measures the hydrogen levels and determines whether or not a substance has been digested. The product comes with packets of glucose, lactose, and the likes so you can just drink them with water and breathe away.

At the end, you are left with a good idea of what’s making you fart. And even better, the AIRE app helps you find the most compatible foods. After taking the test, you not only get personalized food suggestions but you can also take a picture of what you’re about to eat and AIRE will let you know if it’s okay for your stomach. There is now an affordable way to remedy your issues other than damning the food gods. For me, the only decision is whether I want to fork up $99…or spend it on delicious cheesy pizza instead.

Image courtesy of FoodMarble AIRE