Your Man Will Look So Much Hotter in a Garter Belt?

It’s impossible to keep your shirt tucked. Do they make bodysuits for men? Well, here’s the next best thing.

Somehow, I don’t think the goal of equality between the sexes was focused on the world of fashion. Yet, here we are in 2017 with men waxing their pubes and anus, products like the girdle, and this magical new contraption to keep his shirt tucked, the T-Holder. Great. Now, that I’m drawing attention to my legs, I’m going to have to shave them too.

Garters on women, sexy. Will this reverse garter make men look provocative as well? Obviously, it’s a subjective question. The pictures on the site are convincing enough, and yet it seems sort of ridiculous at the same time. Sex scenes often feature women in stockings, but men in just socks? Nope. Sure, the right male model in just socks might ping your pong, but I think the T-Holder is about as sexy as socks on the average guy.

Despite the look of the T-Holder, it has positive reviews and seems very functional. The product from Slovenia is custom made for each customer and they ship around the world. The only complaints seem to be that the straps aren’t adjustable. No problem, the company has a kickstarter to fund the second version of the product, the S-Holder. The adjustable S-Holder was funded in less than 8 hours. Apparently, untucked shirts are on notice.

I assume that these products work best for gentlemen who actually get tailored dress shirts, but I actually haven’t tried them. I could be wrong. However, if you’re concerned about your tuck game $35 isn’t a bad deal. According to the comments, they are TSA compliant as well so you can travel in style. One last note, when I found this new product last week the Kickstarter campaign was still going and the T-Holder website I linked to above worked just fine. Now that the campaign ended with over $100,000 the site is suspiciously down. Oh well. I’m not that interested in keeping my shirts tucked. However, I do want to look sexy. Perhaps I’d be better off buying a real garter belt for men from Jonnies Closet.