What’s That Tingling Sensation in Your Lower Extremities When Looking Down From An Extreme Height?

 The Situation: You walk to the edge of a 25 story drop and look down.

The Reaction: A tingling sensation in your pelvic region.

The Questions: Why the hell is my junk tingling? Am I getting turned on?

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Could You Go To Jail For Posting Pictures of Your Kids on Facebook?

In 2012 a fun little Chrome extension surfaced that would replace baby pictures on social media with pictures of cats. When Unbaby.me (now called Rather) debuted, the non-parent internet breathed a collective sigh. All jokes aside, sharing pictures of children online can be potentially dangerous because nothing online is completely private. French privacy laws could actually send you to jail for posting pictures of your kids online!

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‘Kai The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker’ and the Changing Viral Video

What ever happened to viral news interviews and their Autotune counterparts? From 2010 to 2013, four characters—Antoine Dodson, “Sweet Brown,” Charles Ramsey, and of course Kai—garnered hundreds of millions of views on their respective segments. Since then, shorter attention spans and the domination of Vine and Snapchat have killed the once-great form. Kai’s story reminds me of a better time, a time when people could sit through five-minute videos.

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NSFW: Two Trans Women Fight Cis Men ‘Like Bacon in a Pan’

Thanks to the readily-availableness of cameras these days, the Internet can often look forward to seeing the highlights of any good fight that takes place in public. In this case, it looks like two trans women got wrapped up in a scrap with two cis men on the Atlanta MARTA. So grab your popcorn, watch the video below, and see how people are reacting to this scene!

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