Hollywood Starlet Hedy Lamarr Created The Tech That Makes Your Smartphone Work

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.” According to film historian Richard Schickel, that’s a quote from Hedy Lamarr who was far from stupid.

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The Types of People Who Still Watch Movies on Cable

If you’ve recently pulled yourself from the abyss of a Netflix binge, you may be surprised to learn that cable television still exists. Yep. Millions of people still subscribe to cable television. What may be even more confusing to your streaming-centric brain is that some of those people are watching movies. On cable. With commercials.

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Yo, Dude, Who Is Pee-wee Herman? (A Very Reasonable Question for 2016)

“Who is Pee-wee Herman? Not like, existentially. I mean: who is he?” If you’re under 20, you have no idea. And if you’re older, chances are you don’t have a good answer either. Pee-wee’s Big Holiday brings the question from a ‘90s Trivial Pursuit card to 2016. Released on March 18 by Netflix, the film reintroduces confused viewers to Pee-wee Herman after a 28-year hiatus. Other than the initial: “Why?” and “Huh?” these are the questions that first came to mind: Read More!