People React to Being Able to See Clearly for the First Time

Eyesight is a wonderful thing – in fact, there’s a good chance that you’re using it to read these words right now! Now imagine what happens when a person has lived the first months or years of their life without this ability, only to have it suddenly given to them. How are you supposed to react? Do you laugh, cry, look amazed, or do something else?

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This TED Talk on Procrastination Is Literally Too Accurate

If you are a human being, there’s a good chance that you’ve procrastinated at one point in your life. This TED talk delivered by hardcore procrastinator Tim Urban is full of humor that is all too accurate when it comes to describing the mind of a procrastinator.

Which type of procrastinator are you? This video is a 15 minutes you won’t regret.

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED

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Surprisingly Not-Relaxing ‘Rage Yoga’ May Be Therapeutic

Instead of being quiet, blissful, peaceful, or many other adjectives you might associate with traditional yoga, there’s a new technique that has people yelling and cussing. “Rage Yoga” classes are facilitated by Lindsay Istace, who created the practice after a tough breakup. Is it real yoga? Who knows. Is it effective? Maybe. Read More!

These Photoshops of Taylor Swift at the Grammies Will Slay You

In another Reddit Photoshop battle, experts have taken on the challenge of putting Taylor Swift’s pose captured backstage at the 2016 Grammys to good use. Making it all the way to the Upvoted blog, you don’t want to miss these hilarious interpretations.

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Pro Tip: Next Time Someone Asks You to Pull Their Finger, Push It

You heard that right. A GIF that has been making its rounds on Imgur perfectly illustrates how you can fuck shit up by pushing someone’s finger instead of pulling it.

Want to avoid a putrid fart? Push a finger.

Want to clean up a mess? Push a finger.

Want to get out of work early? Push a finger.

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If only Rebecca would have known.

bringing this back | Imgur

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Is That Old Navy Shirt Really a Slap to Artists?

Disclaimer: I am not an artist. If any word could describe me the least, artist could be it. But I still find art to be fascinating from time to time. That’s why I can’t stop thinking about these shirts from Old Navy, which have now been discontinued because they are apparently offensive to artists. The Daily Mail has done an excellent job of summarizing the the angry reactions tweeters are having to seeing the following shirts.

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These Socks Might Be the Answer to Your Putrid Feet

You might blame stinky feet on bad hygiene or poor shoe ventilation, but what if it’s the fault of your socks? A new Japanese invention by Muse Ricette suggests that an answer to remedying stinky feet may lie in the material used to make socks. More specifically, a pair of Curetex socks that they make, composed of Japanese “Washi” paper, can allegedly serve as a sweat absorber, deodorant, humidity controller, and UV blocker.

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Make Decisions Visually to Avoid the Stress of Choosing

Making decisions can stress you out, even if it’s something as relatively straightforward as what o make for dinner.  When you get into your head, you have the potential to play out infinite scenarios of the future a particular decision will bring.  A visual chart can help simplify things. Read More!