Imagine How Annoying His Facebook Page Is After Running 50 Marathons Back-to-Back


Look at that smug face. That’s the face of ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes. He ran 50 marathons back-to-back. How is that possible? Dean has a condition that allows him to run endlessly because lactic acid never builds up in his muscles, allowing that smug face and that smug body to run for as long as he pleases. Read More!

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Paunch Life: A Fat Man’s Trip to Soul Cycle

Spin classes are a great way for fit people to stay in shape and for lazy people to realize how tired they are after a couple minutes of stationary biking. I climbed to the top of Mt. Sore in my first class at SoulCycle.  Free gym trials appeal to my desire to both get in shape and avoid commitments. I arrive, I pay nothing, I exercise, and I leave with the firm expectation that I will never return. In my search for the exercise that is “right for me,” I have exhausted this resource. My inbox is littered with offers from every yoga studio and CrossFit gym I have tried. But there remains one exercise fad that I have not exploited: spin class.

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