This Street Sax Player and Drummer Will Make Your Life Worth Living

In case you haven’t felt talentless enough, this video will help you achieve that. Watch as these two guys at what looks like a subway station blow the roof off of the place with their amazing instrumental skills – not to mention their groovy dance moves. You should really watch this. It’ll be worth it.

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Featured image by Chris Waits via Flickr CC.

Forget Going Outside: This Man Will Make All of the Earth’s Noises

You know those people who can make musical noises with their mouths? Singers or beatboxers? It’s unclear as to what this should be called, but it sure beats going outside to listen to nature. It has a cinematic vibe to it. Heck, it includes sounds that don’t come from nature. All from a man’s mouth – artificially made by a product of nature.

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How To: Put the Face Swap Live App to Good Use

The Face Swap Live trend is alive and well on the Internet. After all, faces are beautiful things to look at. Why not look at different faces on different heads?

This video by Rhett LeCompte illustrates the perfect application for this type of app. Whether it’s because he has a very swappable face, or worked very hard to optimize the faces, it’s hard to deny the talent here – and that’s coming from someone who isn’t actually singing live.

Who did the song better: this, or the original music video?

We are the World using Face Swap Live | YouTube

Featured image by Patrik Nygren via Flickr CC.