Sea Turtles Are Experiencing A Herpes Epidemic

Recently, the endangered species of Green Sea Turtle has found itself in yet another precarious situation: a herpes epidemic.

Scientists are baffled at the herpes epidemic in the turtle population. Not only do they not know how the disease is transmitted, but they don’t know what causes it to become so severe. While benign, the tumors can be dangerous because they can cover the eyes, which can blind the turtle and leave it a helpless little hunter. The species-specific virus, which lies dormant in many turtles, might be brought out by ocean pollution and rising temperatures, but none can say for sure.

One thing is for sure: no more loving those turtles you turtle lovers! The last thing we want is to see another species go extinct, and by herpes no less!

How To: Repurpose a Tattoo of Your Ex-Wife After Your Divorce

Don’t you hate it when you get married to someone, tattoo their face onto your body, and then realize you don’t love them anymore and divorce them? Only to still have a detailed version of their face on your body? It’s a shitty situation, especially consider the costly and otherwise less-than-ideal methods available for removing tattoos. However, one Imgur user has found a clever way around this issue.

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Music Video of the Year: See You in a Long Periololically Time

Only on occasion do a hit pop song and a timeless Vine video meme come together in a mashup that truly defines the meaning of art. More specifically, I’m talking about Eva and Erie’s mashup of “See You Again” by Wiz Kahlifa featuring Charlie Puth with the classic “A long periololically time” interview (for which the original source remains unclear).

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