Could You Go To Jail For Posting Pictures of Your Kids on Facebook?

In 2012 a fun little Chrome extension surfaced that would replace baby pictures on social media with pictures of cats. When (now called Rather) debuted, the non-parent internet breathed a collective sigh. All jokes aside, sharing pictures of children online can be potentially dangerous because nothing online is completely private. French privacy laws could actually send you to jail for posting pictures of your kids online!

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How Can I Get My Brother to Fuck Me?

High school sweethearts fade into the background when it’s time to go off to college, but what if you’re dating your brother?  Lem wants to know how he can get his familial twin boyfriend to take things to the next level, but also worries that might be the wrong thing to do. Read More!

Weekly Roundup: June 27 – July 1

This week at Awkward Human, we’re talking good tasting gluten-free cookies, eating in Spain, sleeping on the Casper mattress, Petty Jars, and boyfriend biases. Join us more for next week!

Here’s a Gluten-Free Cookie That Actually Doesn’t Taste Like Shit

pb cookies

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls with Celiac Disease, you’ve suffered through enough terrible tasting gluten-free cookies. Try this recipe and feel alive again!

Spanish Food Sucks: My Study Abroad Experience in Madrid


Awkward writer Luke Reppe tells us how he missed out on the great Spanish eats (or lack thereof) in Madrid.

Review: The Casper Mattress


Need a new bed but don’t know what to get? Lindsey tries out the Casper 100 night free trial and reports back on her findings.

Why My Roommate and I Keep a “Petty Jar”


If you’ve got roommates, or siblings, or parents, or friends, or a partner, the Petty Jar system might help you blow off some steam without the hurt feelings.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Let Go of His Insane Bias?


Adam helps out a poor soul in need of smart car support. 


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Creative Advice from My Mom

A while back we interviewed a variety of people about their approach to creative work on Supercharged.  One of those people was my mother, Toni Dachis.  She’s an artist and has spent her whole life finding new ways to think creatively.  Here are a few of her thoughts.

The Creative Process

Know yourself.  You can’t create from within if you are only living from without.  You have to have a message.  You have to Have a purpose.  Do something that matters to you.  Be  passionate about everything you do. Sometimes it takes a long time.  And it will change over time, so keep exploring and learning and trying and interacting.  Know how you relate to the world.  Know what’s going on in the world. Embrace your uniqueness.  Don’t compromise in order to fit in.  There already are lots of those, but only one of you.


Learn what inspires you.  How you work at your best.  My routine is I need it to be quiet without distractions.  Then when I have a few ideas, I jot them down.  Then I explore the world. See what clicks with me and how I can best get my point across.  Or how I want it to appear. I find meditation helps me to focus on opening up my mind to let ideas flow. Keep a notebook, sketchbook, recordings, anything to record thoughts, visions, ideas that strike you for some reason or another.

Make something.  Do something to it.  Now do something else to it. When you think something is finished, remove one thing.  Whether you are drawing, writing, performing you don’t have to tell the whole story.  Tell enough to make the audience think about it.  Create discussion. You have to think how to do something in every which way.

Take a piece of paper.  You can cut it, fold it, tear it, color it, crumple it, wet it, burn it, stitch it, stain it, weave it, etc. etc. Bring in other unlikely materials or ideas that you don’t usually use. Start at the end and work backwards.

Pretend your work has been written up in the newspaper.  What did it say?  Now make that piece. If you’re stuck, look at other’s work.  Listen to others.  If you have to copy it, do so in order to learn.  Then do it with your own input.  Change it, twist it, turn it.

To find out more about Toni Dachis and her artwork, please visit her web site.

Weekly Roundup: June 13 – 17

This week we’re talking racial injustice, advising on stubborn significant others, saying goodbye to our least favorite iPhone apps, banking on the corner store, and learning about coffee. Join us for more next week!


4 Ways We Screwed Over Native Americans (And Still Are)


After Urban Outfitters got ahead in a ridiculously unethical situation, writer Lindsey Brunken looked at some ways white Americans continue to exploit or completely forget about Native American communities.

How Do You Convince a Stubborn Significant Other That They’re Wrong?


Adam tackles pharmaceutical drugs vs generic drugs and the stubbornness of being wrong (or right).

Apple Announces the Best New Feature in iOS 10: Deleting the Stocks App


After the WWDC keynote, the world learned an important fact: soon we can delete the Stocks app from our iPhones. Free at last, free at last! Check out what other apps will be deletable!

A High Guide to Corner Store Eats

corner store

Stoned and ready for some snackage? Writer Luke Reppe says why your best bet is to go to your neighborhood corner store for all the junk food you require. 

A Non-Drinker’s Guide to the Complex World of Coffee


Making a cappuccino can be tough if you don’t know what a cappuccino is. Our quick and dirty guide is great for you coffee-holics and coffee abstainers alike!

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Surprisingly Not-Relaxing ‘Rage Yoga’ May Be Therapeutic

Instead of being quiet, blissful, peaceful, or many other adjectives you might associate with traditional yoga, there’s a new technique that has people yelling and cussing. “Rage Yoga” classes are facilitated by Lindsay Istace, who created the practice after a tough breakup. Is it real yoga? Who knows. Is it effective? Maybe. Read More!