Weekly Roundup: June 20 – June 24

This week we talk rough sex, kids with nature, douchebag outfits, creative moms, and blind astronomers. Join us for more next week!

How Do I Have Rough Butt Sex Without Hurting Myself?


A gay virgin asks how to have rough sex without feeling any pain. Resident expert Adam Dachis weighs in and gives lots of pointers and tips on how to stay safe in the bedroom.

Stop Blaming Parents Every Time Their Kid Gets Eaten


After one kid fell into a gorilla exhibit, and another kid was eaten by an alligator, the public wants to blame the parents. Lindsey Brunken doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, read more to find out why.


A Style Guide to the Douchiest Urban Outfitters Outfits


Want to look like a real tool this summer? Check out our style guide inspired by Urban Outfitters, the brand for tools and douchebags alike!


Creative Advice from My Mom


Our very own network mom, Toni Dachis, gives all you artists out there tips on how to let yourself shine through your art! 


Legally Blind Astronomer Can See Deep Sky With His Naked Eye


Science gets weird when a legally blind man can see the milky way better than the rest of humanity. How is that possible? Click to find out more.

Thanks for reading, and here’s a helpful tip for your weekend: “Beer before liquor never sicker, toothpaste before orange juice dead.”


Images courtesy of Seedfeeder, Allen McGregor, Urban Outfitters and Tim Doucette

Creative Advice from My Mom

A while back we interviewed a variety of people about their approach to creative work on Supercharged.  One of those people was my mother, Toni Dachis.  She’s an artist and has spent her whole life finding new ways to think creatively.  Here are a few of her thoughts.

The Creative Process

Know yourself.  You can’t create from within if you are only living from without.  You have to have a message.  You have to Have a purpose.  Do something that matters to you.  Be  passionate about everything you do. Sometimes it takes a long time.  And it will change over time, so keep exploring and learning and trying and interacting.  Know how you relate to the world.  Know what’s going on in the world. Embrace your uniqueness.  Don’t compromise in order to fit in.  There already are lots of those, but only one of you.


Learn what inspires you.  How you work at your best.  My routine is I need it to be quiet without distractions.  Then when I have a few ideas, I jot them down.  Then I explore the world. See what clicks with me and how I can best get my point across.  Or how I want it to appear. I find meditation helps me to focus on opening up my mind to let ideas flow. Keep a notebook, sketchbook, recordings, anything to record thoughts, visions, ideas that strike you for some reason or another.

Make something.  Do something to it.  Now do something else to it. When you think something is finished, remove one thing.  Whether you are drawing, writing, performing you don’t have to tell the whole story.  Tell enough to make the audience think about it.  Create discussion. You have to think how to do something in every which way.

Take a piece of paper.  You can cut it, fold it, tear it, color it, crumple it, wet it, burn it, stitch it, stain it, weave it, etc. etc. Bring in other unlikely materials or ideas that you don’t usually use. Start at the end and work backwards.

Pretend your work has been written up in the newspaper.  What did it say?  Now make that piece. If you’re stuck, look at other’s work.  Listen to others.  If you have to copy it, do so in order to learn.  Then do it with your own input.  Change it, twist it, turn it.

To find out more about Toni Dachis and her artwork, please visit her web site.

How To: Repurpose a Tattoo of Your Ex-Wife After Your Divorce

Don’t you hate it when you get married to someone, tattoo their face onto your body, and then realize you don’t love them anymore and divorce them? Only to still have a detailed version of their face on your body? It’s a shitty situation, especially consider the costly and otherwise less-than-ideal methods available for removing tattoos. However, one Imgur user has found a clever way around this issue.

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Is That Old Navy Shirt Really a Slap to Artists?

Disclaimer: I am not an artist. If any word could describe me the least, artist could be it. But I still find art to be fascinating from time to time. That’s why I can’t stop thinking about these shirts from Old Navy, which have now been discontinued because they are apparently offensive to artists. The Daily Mail has done an excellent job of summarizing the the angry reactions tweeters are having to seeing the following shirts.

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Music Video of the Year: See You in a Long Periololically Time

Only on occasion do a hit pop song and a timeless Vine video meme come together in a mashup that truly defines the meaning of art. More specifically, I’m talking about Eva and Erie’s mashup of “See You Again” by Wiz Kahlifa featuring Charlie Puth with the classic “A long periololically time” interview (for which the original source remains unclear).

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