Wanna Beer? This Kid Is the Person to Get It From

Young, old, polite, or bitchy, this beer stand doesn’t turn away customers. On a hot day, it’s hard to beat the price of $0.25 for a glass of nice cold beer. At the same time, the person behind the stand will absolutely not take your bullshit because the beer industry is some serious business. Watch below to see how he handles it.

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Drink Beer, Get Your Protein and Don’t Get Fat All With This One Drink

Containing about as much protein as a sirloin steak, “Barbell Brew” is a beer with an alcohol concentration of 3.6 percent (95 percent more than regular beer), 85 percent fewer carbohydrates, and 33 percent fewer calories than even a light beer. Muscle Food has worked tirelessly to synthesize a drink with these properties that also tastes like a traditional brew. Why worry about protein shakes if you’re a gym-goer when you can sip on this protein beer?

barbell brew

You can purchase the “Barbell Brew” from Muscle Food from their website here.

New High-Protein, Low-Calorie Beer Targets Gym Goers | Food and Wine (via Food World News).

Featured image by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr CC.

Image courtesy of Muscle Food

Surprisingly Not-Relaxing ‘Rage Yoga’ May Be Therapeutic

Instead of being quiet, blissful, peaceful, or many other adjectives you might associate with traditional yoga, there’s a new technique that has people yelling and cussing. “Rage Yoga” classes are facilitated by Lindsay Istace, who created the practice after a tough breakup. Is it real yoga? Who knows. Is it effective? Maybe. Read More!