Weekly Roundup: June 13 – 17

This week we’re talking racial injustice, advising on stubborn significant others, saying goodbye to our least favorite iPhone apps, banking on the corner store, and learning about coffee. Join us for more next week!


4 Ways We Screwed Over Native Americans (And Still Are)


After Urban Outfitters got ahead in a ridiculously unethical situation, writer Lindsey Brunken looked at some ways white Americans continue to exploit or completely forget about Native American communities.

How Do You Convince a Stubborn Significant Other That They’re Wrong?


Adam tackles pharmaceutical drugs vs generic drugs and the stubbornness of being wrong (or right).

Apple Announces the Best New Feature in iOS 10: Deleting the Stocks App


After the WWDC keynote, the world learned an important fact: soon we can delete the Stocks app from our iPhones. Free at last, free at last! Check out what other apps will be deletable!

A High Guide to Corner Store Eats

corner store

Stoned and ready for some snackage? Writer Luke Reppe says why your best bet is to go to your neighborhood corner store for all the junk food you require. 

A Non-Drinker’s Guide to the Complex World of Coffee


Making a cappuccino can be tough if you don’t know what a cappuccino is. Our quick and dirty guide is great for you coffee-holics and coffee abstainers alike!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to brush your teeth (otherwise you’ll always be a bridesmaid never a bride). Aloha!


Images courtesy of Urban Outfitters, , Tho Truong/Flickr and Cheryl Foong