Do Solar-Powered People Exist? These Children Might Tell Us

Doctors are finding it difficult to provide an explanation for why or how three boys seem to be limited by the Sun. More specifically, Shoaib, Rashid, and Ilyas appear to be shutting down in the evening after sunset on a daily basis, becoming “paralyzed.”

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The Ins and Outs of Acquiring and Using Medical Marijuana – Lifehacker Green Week 2016

Our very own Adam Dachis has made a return to his Lifehacker roots for a quick visit at this time of the year (#420BlazeIt) to share everything he knows about medical marijuana based on experience.  Including a story about its effectiveness for him as a therapeutic above the capacity of opioids, how medical marijuana works, it’s complicated legal status, and how to choose the right kind for safe and responsible use, this series can be a fun and educational read for just about anyone of age.

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This Flowchart Will Solve Every Valentine’s Gift Giving Woe

The single people often complain about how hard Valentine’s Day is for them, but what about the in-a-relationship people who can never seem to get their partner the right thing? This flowchart will completely eliminate this issue.

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Besides the blatant stereotyping based on gender roles, I can’t help but agree that, identifying as a man myself, I agree with the portion that is intended to describe me.

Featured image by Kevin Gilmour via Flickr CC.

Has Modern Educayshun Gone Too Far Down the Road of Political Correctness?

While it’s clear that this is a dramatization, this short film gets the point across in very direct and symbolic ways. It is common in this day and age to feel like you’re walking on eggshells when it comes do choosing language that is inclusive and politically correct. But at the same time, the idea of political correctness isn’t horrible either. After all, what’s wrong with just trying to get along?

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