Science Proves Safety Risks Associated With Lava Lamp Cooking

YouTube channel MicrowaveMeShow features videos of various objects being microwaved. Think Blendtec’s Will It Blend? series, but home-made and for microwave ovens. In this heated video, the “Microwave Me” show decided to cook a lava lamp in a microwave oven. Check out what happened after the break.

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This 5-Year-Old ‘Savant’ Is Showing Signs of Telepathy

Besides his perhaps unusual habits of preferring to read scholarly literature instead of playing with children’s toys, Ramses Sanguino’s “high functioning” form of autism may come with other superpowers.

You may not believe in telepathy, but what if science could support that it may exist in some individuals? This is the case with Ramses’ maternally-acclaimed telepathic abilities.

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