Eat Teddy Bear-Shaped Food at Japan’s Strange ‘Ted 2’ Cafe & Bar

The only thing more questionable than the theme is the dates of operation. If you’re in Tokyo from September 21st to November 20th, you can check out Ted Cafe & Barthe only Ted-themed restaurant offering both teddy-bear-shaped food and oddly inappropriate quotes.

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Imagine How Annoying His Facebook Page Is After Running 50 Marathons Back-to-Back


Look at that smug face. That’s the face of ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes. He ran 50 marathons back-to-back. How is that possible? Dean has a condition that allows him to run endlessly because lactic acid never builds up in his muscles, allowing that smug face and that smug body to run for as long as he pleases. Read More!

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Maybe Hearing Your Annoying Facebook Statuses Will Make You Stop

It’s easier than ever to share a thought with a number of online friends or the entire Internet with the click of a few buttons. However, all those subtweets and passive-aggressive Facebook statuses aren’t doing most of your friends any good. Also, if you have to tell someone something, it might be best do do it privately in some cases.

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This Video Shows How Helpful Your Vague Facebook Posts Are

Your vague statuses aren’t helping anyone. This video will put your statuses in perspective if you are the culprit when it comes to filling users’ news feeds with statuses about nothing. If that’s not you, it should definitely still be relatable if you’ve ever used Facebook before (or Twitter or practically any form of social media).

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