Take ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ to the Next Level With KFC’s New Nail Polish

Flavored nail polish. It’s a thing. Whether you want the “original” or “hot and spicy” flavor, just paint your nails with KFC’s new nail polish and, once dry, lick them for the sweet sweet taste of fried chicken. Literally at your fingertips.

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Pro Tip: Next Time Someone Asks You to Pull Their Finger, Push It

You heard that right. A GIF that has been making its rounds on Imgur perfectly illustrates how you can fuck shit up by pushing someone’s finger instead of pulling it.

Want to avoid a putrid fart? Push a finger.

Want to clean up a mess? Push a finger.

Want to get out of work early? Push a finger.

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If only Rebecca would have known.

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Featured image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr CC.