Fox News Doesn’t Understand What a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is

Pizza Hut loves their temporary menu items, which often involves shoving things like hot dogs and garlic knots into the crust of a large pie to both comfort and clog our hearts.  Their latest, the grilled cheese pizza, seems to have confused Fox News over the definition of both “grilled” and “cheese.”

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Weekly Roundup: August 8 – August 12

Welcome back to our weekly roundup! This week we’re talking about hitting dates with cars, reality TV suicides, a Michelin star street vendor, opposites, and ayahuasca.

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Weekly Roundup: June 27 – July 1

This week at Awkward Human, we’re talking good tasting gluten-free cookies, eating in Spain, sleeping on the Casper mattress, Petty Jars, and boyfriend biases. Join us more for next week!

Here’s a Gluten-Free Cookie That Actually Doesn’t Taste Like Shit

pb cookies

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls with Celiac Disease, you’ve suffered through enough terrible tasting gluten-free cookies. Try this recipe and feel alive again!

Spanish Food Sucks: My Study Abroad Experience in Madrid


Awkward writer Luke Reppe tells us how he missed out on the great Spanish eats (or lack thereof) in Madrid.

Review: The Casper Mattress


Need a new bed but don’t know what to get? Lindsey tries out the Casper 100 night free trial and reports back on her findings.

Why My Roommate and I Keep a “Petty Jar”


If you’ve got roommates, or siblings, or parents, or friends, or a partner, the Petty Jar system might help you blow off some steam without the hurt feelings.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Let Go of His Insane Bias?


Adam helps out a poor soul in need of smart car support. 


Thanks for reading! Question: Why don’t you ever hear of America knock knock jokes? Because freedom rings, mother fucker.

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The Puppy Pinwheel Is as Cute as Binge-Eating Can Get

Awh! Look at that. Look at all those little binge eaters binge eating. Tails wagging, heads butting, jaws chomping, feet walking in furious circles. I bet Sarah from the party last weekend didn’t look this cute when she ate 3 pizzas and downed an entire 2 liter jug of Dr. Pepper in less than 20 minutes!