Great Advice From a Teacher Who Knows Best About What Students Need

Being a student isn’t easy at any age. With all sorts of pressures – which of course include school work – mental and physical health are often overlooked. This is especially true as students prepare for exams. In an interesting move, there’s one teacher who prepared the list below about how students should study for SATs.

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Go on a Journey With Miss Frizzle to Learn About Vaccines

With the recent emergence of the anti-vaccination movement among American parents, this is the perfect video for anyone who might need to be educated. Those who watched “The Magic School Bus” will know of the wonderful educative powers of Miss Frizzle, the teacher who drives a bus that can shrink to enter a human body to learn about biology. This clip is no exception.

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This ‘Honest Meditation’ Will Help You ‘Breathe out the Bullshit’

The soothing voice of a guided meditation can be helpful for many of us. However, sometimes you need something more realistic when it comes to focusing on your breath. If you’re ready to breathe out the bullshit, this guided meditation track by Jason Headley is just right for you.

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Your Penis Will Thank You for Eating These 50 Best Foods

Although penises are generally easy-going, self-cleaning, and otherwise maintenance-free organs, diet has the ability to influence their wellbeing just as it does with other body parts. To help you and your member out, Eat This Not That! has compiled a list of The 50 Best Foods for Your Penis based on research.

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Drink Beer, Get Your Protein and Don’t Get Fat All With This One Drink

Containing about as much protein as a sirloin steak, “Barbell Brew” is a beer with an alcohol concentration of 3.6 percent (95 percent more than regular beer), 85 percent fewer carbohydrates, and 33 percent fewer calories than even a light beer. Muscle Food has worked tirelessly to synthesize a drink with these properties that also tastes like a traditional brew. Why worry about protein shakes if you’re a gym-goer when you can sip on this protein beer?

barbell brew

You can purchase the “Barbell Brew” from Muscle Food from their website here.

New High-Protein, Low-Calorie Beer Targets Gym Goers | Food and Wine (via Food World News).

Featured image by Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr CC.

Image courtesy of Muscle Food

The Secret Is Revealed: Why You Just Can’t Stop Grabbing Your Ballsack

If you have a ballsack, you probably like to grab it. If you don’t have a ballsack, then you might be wondering: why do all the people with ballsacks have their hands in their pants all the time? Disgusting.

But according to Men’s Health, there are reasons why ballsack owners may have adapted this behavior as an advantageous evolutionary trait.

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