‘Everyday Leadership’ Is About Owning That You Are a Leader

In a world where humans are becoming more and more capable and powerful in their abilities to think critically and influence change, it’s easy to look down upon yourself. We are often afraid to think of ourselves as being too capable or as leaders because this might seem pretentious or above what we can achieve. To help us look past this nonsense, this TED-Ed talk by Drew Dudley reminds us of what leadership is.

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Sick of the Bible? This Kickstarter Wants to Fund a Queer Version

It seems that as of lately, the Bible has gotten some bad publicity as various Christian Churches feel the need to enforce its views quite literally on society. Rather than continuing to trash talk this collection of books that, regardless, still carries immense historical significance, Robert Whitehead wants to change the Bible for what might be the better.

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This TED Talk on Procrastination Is Literally Too Accurate

If you are a human being, there’s a good chance that you’ve procrastinated at one point in your life. This TED talk delivered by hardcore procrastinator Tim Urban is full of humor that is all too accurate when it comes to describing the mind of a procrastinator.

Which type of procrastinator are you? This video is a 15 minutes you won’t regret.

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED

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