Surprisingly Not-Relaxing ‘Rage Yoga’ May Be Therapeutic

Instead of being quiet, blissful, peaceful, or many other adjectives you might associate with traditional yoga, there’s a new technique that has people yelling and cussing. “Rage Yoga” classes are facilitated by Lindsay Istace, who created the practice after a tough breakup. Is it real yoga? Who knows. Is it effective? Maybe. Read More!

Forget Going Outside: This Man Will Make All of the Earth’s Noises

You know those people who can make musical noises with their mouths? Singers or beatboxers? It’s unclear as to what this should be called, but it sure beats going outside to listen to nature. It has a cinematic vibe to it. Heck, it includes sounds that don’t come from nature. All from a man’s mouth – artificially made by a product of nature.

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Music Video of the Year: See You in a Long Periololically Time

Only on occasion do a hit pop song and a timeless Vine video meme come together in a mashup that truly defines the meaning of art. More specifically, I’m talking about Eva and Erie’s mashup of “See You Again” by Wiz Kahlifa featuring Charlie Puth with the classic “A long periololically time” interview (for which the original source remains unclear).

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