How You Can Learn to Like the Assholes You’re Forced to Share Oxygen With

The world’s full of assholes, and sometimes you have to work with them or see them at a party. While some people you just have to hate, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way we could all get along?  A new study emerged from the University of Groningen that suggest a small tweak in your behavior could make that a reality. Read More!

Examining All of the Different Sofa Sitting Positions: What Do They Mean?

Gone are the days of sitting on couches and not thinking much of it. As was first reported by the Daily Mail, a survey by has provided some insight about what your couch sitting habits mean. Whether you’re a “Loud and Proud” or “Sofa Buddha,” they’ve got what is supposedly the inside scoop on your personality based on how you sit.

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The Secret Is Revealed: Why You Just Can’t Stop Grabbing Your Ballsack

If you have a ballsack, you probably like to grab it. If you don’t have a ballsack, then you might be wondering: why do all the people with ballsacks have their hands in their pants all the time? Disgusting.

But according to Men’s Health, there are reasons why ballsack owners may have adapted this behavior as an advantageous evolutionary trait.

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This 5-Year-Old ‘Savant’ Is Showing Signs of Telepathy

Besides his perhaps unusual habits of preferring to read scholarly literature instead of playing with children’s toys, Ramses Sanguino’s “high functioning” form of autism may come with other superpowers.

You may not believe in telepathy, but what if science could support that it may exist in some individuals? This is the case with Ramses’ maternally-acclaimed telepathic abilities.

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