WTF is a Tetrachromat?

With the summer at it’s peak, we here at Awkward Human have taken time to admire some of the truly magnificent sights, sounds, and smells it has to offer us. Then we started to wonder, what if all these great colors we see aren’t the same colors other people see? What if other people can see more colors than us? That’s where Tetrachromats come in.

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Weekly Roundup: June 20 – June 24

This week we talk rough sex, kids with nature, douchebag outfits, creative moms, and blind astronomers. Join us for more next week!

How Do I Have Rough Butt Sex Without Hurting Myself?


A gay virgin asks how to have rough sex without feeling any pain. Resident expert Adam Dachis weighs in and gives lots of pointers and tips on how to stay safe in the bedroom.

Stop Blaming Parents Every Time Their Kid Gets Eaten


After one kid fell into a gorilla exhibit, and another kid was eaten by an alligator, the public wants to blame the parents. Lindsey Brunken doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, read more to find out why.


A Style Guide to the Douchiest Urban Outfitters Outfits


Want to look like a real tool this summer? Check out our style guide inspired by Urban Outfitters, the brand for tools and douchebags alike!


Creative Advice from My Mom


Our very own network mom, Toni Dachis, gives all you artists out there tips on how to let yourself shine through your art! 


Legally Blind Astronomer Can See Deep Sky With His Naked Eye


Science gets weird when a legally blind man can see the milky way better than the rest of humanity. How is that possible? Click to find out more.

Thanks for reading, and here’s a helpful tip for your weekend: “Beer before liquor never sicker, toothpaste before orange juice dead.”


Images courtesy of Seedfeeder, Allen McGregor, Urban Outfitters and Tim Doucette

How You Can Learn to Like the Assholes You’re Forced to Share Oxygen With

The world’s full of assholes, and sometimes you have to work with them or see them at a party. While some people you just have to hate, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way we could all get along?  A new study emerged from the University of Groningen that suggest a small tweak in your behavior could make that a reality. Read More!

Do Solar-Powered People Exist? These Children Might Tell Us

Doctors are finding it difficult to provide an explanation for why or how three boys seem to be limited by the Sun. More specifically, Shoaib, Rashid, and Ilyas appear to be shutting down in the evening after sunset on a daily basis, becoming “paralyzed.”

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This 5-Year-Old ‘Savant’ Is Showing Signs of Telepathy

Besides his perhaps unusual habits of preferring to read scholarly literature instead of playing with children’s toys, Ramses Sanguino’s “high functioning” form of autism may come with other superpowers.

You may not believe in telepathy, but what if science could support that it may exist in some individuals? This is the case with Ramses’ maternally-acclaimed telepathic abilities.

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