This Street Sax Player and Drummer Will Make Your Life Worth Living

In case you haven’t felt talentless enough, this video will help you achieve that. Watch as these two guys at what looks like a subway station blow the roof off of the place with their amazing instrumental skills – not to mention their groovy dance moves. You should really watch this. It’ll be worth it.

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Featured image by Chris Waits via Flickr CC.

NSFW: Two Trans Women Fight Cis Men ‘Like Bacon in a Pan’

Thanks to the readily-availableness of cameras these days, the Internet can often look forward to seeing the highlights of any good fight that takes place in public. In this case, it looks like two trans women got wrapped up in a scrap with two cis men on the Atlanta MARTA. So grab your popcorn, watch the video below, and see how people are reacting to this scene!

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