Romance Your Sex Bot With A Cheat Code

“Thank you for holding, I’m Jake a RoboSex customer service representative. How can I help?”

“Yes, my brand new Daphne doll hates me and won’t let me have sex.”

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Can You Be Allergic To Water?

With the “heat dome” hovering over the United States, all of us here at Awkward Human have been itching for a water park get away. Being submerged in a cool pool during a sunny afternoon is always magical, but being the morbid and dark people that we are, we got thinking–with all of the weird allergies that exist, is it possible that someone could be allergic to water?

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The Awkward Human Survival Guide Is One of Nerdist’s Favorite Podcasts of 2015

If you didn’t already have a reason to like our podcast, The Awkward Human Survival Guide, maybe Nerdist can give you one. We were over the moon upon discovering that the show was listed as one of their 10 favorite podcasts of 2015.

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