This Flowchart Will Solve Every Valentine’s Gift Giving Woe

The single people often complain about how hard Valentine’s Day is for them, but what about the in-a-relationship people who can never seem to get their partner the right thing? This flowchart will completely eliminate this issue.

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Besides the blatant stereotyping based on gender roles, I can’t help but agree that, identifying as a man myself, I agree with the portion that is intended to describe me.

Featured image by Kevin Gilmour via Flickr CC.

Do You Even Flex Your Vagina? This Video Game Can Help

At first it may look like a sex toy, but this Bluetooth-enabled blob that you insert into your vagina can help you maintain the longevity of your lady parts by preventing conditions such as uterine prolapse. Through a series of interactive games, the Elvie can guide you through Kegel exercises in a way that can help you know whether you’re doing them “right.”

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