The Puppy Pinwheel Is as Cute as Binge-Eating Can Get

Awh! Look at that. Look at all those little binge eaters binge eating. Tails wagging, heads butting, jaws chomping, feet walking in furious circles. I bet Sarah from the party last weekend didn’t look this cute when she ate 3 pizzas and downed an entire 2 liter jug of Dr. Pepper in less than 20 minutes!

Now You Can Have Your Helium Balloon and Eat It Too

Ah, helium balloons. Just thinking about it makes me remember my childhood in a colorful, bouncy, high-pitched light full of sucking and popping. But, honestly, I was always a little pissed that I couldn’t eat them because they looked so edible and I was always hungry (which hasn’t changed, to be honest). Thankfully, there’s a Michelin three-star restaurant in Chicago where you can now go to make that fantasy a reality.

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Evidence Suggests Moose May Be Attracted to Wind Chimes

If you thought that keeping the garbage locked up is all you need to keep wild animals out of your backyard, then think again.

The evidence comes from Britta Schroeder, who captured a video of a moose orchestrating various harmonic tones using the wind chimes on her porch. The event took place at her cabin near the Delani National Park and Preserve.

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Do Solar-Powered People Exist? These Children Might Tell Us

Doctors are finding it difficult to provide an explanation for why or how three boys seem to be limited by the Sun. More specifically, Shoaib, Rashid, and Ilyas appear to be shutting down in the evening after sunset on a daily basis, becoming “paralyzed.”

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Maybe Hearing Your Annoying Facebook Statuses Will Make You Stop

It’s easier than ever to share a thought with a number of online friends or the entire Internet with the click of a few buttons. However, all those subtweets and passive-aggressive Facebook statuses aren’t doing most of your friends any good. Also, if you have to tell someone something, it might be best do do it privately in some cases.

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Take ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ to the Next Level With KFC’s New Nail Polish

Flavored nail polish. It’s a thing. Whether you want the “original” or “hot and spicy” flavor, just paint your nails with KFC’s new nail polish and, once dry, lick them for the sweet sweet taste of fried chicken. Literally at your fingertips.

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‘Everyday Leadership’ Is About Owning That You Are a Leader

In a world where humans are becoming more and more capable and powerful in their abilities to think critically and influence change, it’s easy to look down upon yourself. We are often afraid to think of ourselves as being too capable or as leaders because this might seem pretentious or above what we can achieve. To help us look past this nonsense, this TED-Ed talk by Drew Dudley reminds us of what leadership is.

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