Help Us Out! :)

Awkward Human operates on two fronts. On one side, our client work pays the big bills and, on the other, we make a bunch of awesome/weird/fun/cool/unique content for the world that we post for free.  We enjoy both kinds of work, so your contributions can help us find a better balance.  With that extra bit of freedom, we can do a lot more to improve the shows and products you already love while also experimenting with crazy new ideas.

But with so many wonderful creators out there, we understand you don't always have cash to put into every last one.  While giving directly does help the most, we have a bunch of ways you can contribute by buying something you like, signing up for free stuff, or shopping places you'd shop anyway.  If you can spare a few minutes to help us out once or on a regular basis, we'd really appreciate it.

You'll find plenty of options below, but make sure to check out our new, gigantic art print collection!

Classic Giving

100% of your donation goes to help us, the Awkward Human team, make better stuff for you to enjoy!  If you just like to do it old school and don't care about any of the fancy crap to the right, you can just hit that big black give button and do it like Jesus would (if he had a broader set of interests, one would assume).


Buy Our Art!

Sign Up For Free Stuff

Here are some things we use that you can sign up for free of charge.  You can pay if you want to, but just signing up helps reduce the cost of our paid accounts.

  • Airtable: The amazing, polymorphic spreadsheet that acts like a database

Buy Stuff Through Affiliates

If you're going to buy something anyway, click through to one of the affiliate programs we belong to—listed below!  This is kind of like throwing pocket change at a beggar, but with more dignity for all because you don't get ay money until it amounts to something. But it can also help us get free credits to use the web services we rely on.

  • When you want someone to know you purchased a bulk pack of condoms and and a sewing kit without revealing your identity
  • Dreamhost: If you're looking for a shared web host, they're pretty much the best option around
  • SetApp: An awesome Mac subscription service we use regularly to get things done
  • Stickermule: A high-quality, efficient vinyl sticker (and more!) printer that combines its love of stickers with the intrepid charisma of a mule
  • Typeform: When you want to feel like filling out a form is a magical experience filled with whimsy and nuance

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