We love podcasting and making videos.  Check out the shows we’re currently creating for you.  If you want to ask a question or send a comment to any of the shows, by the way, you can do so on the questions page.


Awkward Human makes a handful of podcasts, some of which are co-produced by the 5by5 network (noted below).  You can find more information about all of our podcasts right here:

Here are our other shows currently in production:

  • Ghosts in Meatspace (Coming Soon)
  • Hypershock (Coming Soon)

We’ll post more information about upcoming programs as soon as it is available.


You’ll find a variety of shows on our YouTube channel, including the following:

  • Supercharged Tip Line
  • Awkward Reviews
  • Awkward Answers
  • Dumb Questions (Coming Soon)
  • Brain Theory (Coming Soon)
  • Officeland (Coming Soon)

Video podcasts are in the works as well, so check back here for more information in the future.

Advertise on Our Shows

If you’re an advertiser and would like a spot on our 5by5 shows, please visit Archer Avenue and click the “For Advertisers” link to get in touch.  For any of our shows, you can always contact us directly and we’ll put you in touch with the right people if those people aren’t us.