The Awkward Human Survival Guide

About the Show

Awkward is a comedy advice show, much like our book, where we answer your questions about love, sex, awkward situations, or anything else you want to know.  We also interview people doing new and interesting things that many people may find, well, awkward.  For example, a woman who knit out of her vagina for a month and a man who ate glitter pills to see how it affected his poop.  We’ve also talked to porn actors, sex toy creators, scientologists, and more.  If you want to get a recap of some of the best, check out our best of episode.

Where to Find It

Listen on 5by5, iTunes, Pocket Casts, RSS, or by using your favorite podcasting app (we like Downcast for iOS and Pocket Casts for Android).  You can also find us on Stitcher.