Welcome to Awkward Human

We're an unusual group of people making unusual things.  We focus on projects that help people experience life outside of their comfort zone, learn how to do something that just seemed out of reach, and explore any fascinating aspect of our world.

Specifically, that translates into a variety of mediums.  We started as a podcast network but now create video web series as well.  We create games, build sites and tools for the web, help businesses (and sometimes individuals) solve problems of the digital variety, work with future technologies like AI and VR/AR/MR, and anything else we find fun and beneficial.

It's easier to understand what we do when you explore our work, which you can find a sample of below!  Check out the rest of the site to see everything we do and get in touch if you have a project you think we can help with.

OUr shows

You may know us from our flagship shows, thhe Awkward Human Survival Guide (comedy/advice) and Supercharged (Future Technology/Lifehacking), but we've got many great new podcasts and web series for you to check out.  Visit our show page for current programming and what's in the pipeline!

Our work

We aim for work that's fun and/or beneficial to those beyond our company and our clients—you know, people and society!  Being rather nerdy, a lot falls into these categories.  We do everything from build sites to set up sales systems for franchises to online content strategy.

our hobbies

We explore a variety of different hobbies at Awkward Human, from making odd card games to satirical art shows.  Look throughout the site for our various experiments.  Just be forewarned—some are not for the faint of heart (and possibly NSFW if you dig too deep).