The Concept of Vision Described by a Blind Person

If you’re reading the words on this page using your eyes, then there’s a good chance you’ve been taking your vision for granted. And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live without vision for your whole life, Tommy Edison explains vision from the perspective of someone who’s been blind their whole life.

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Now Even Dildos Will Come in Drone Form

It seems that just about everything nowadays is turning into drones, but what about sex toys? Turns out those are being made available in drone form as well. When your hands are full, the Dildo Drone is everything you’ll need for your dildo-ing needs. Check it out in action after the break.

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This ‘Honest Meditation’ Will Help You ‘Breathe out the Bullshit’

The soothing voice of a guided meditation can be helpful for many of us. However, sometimes you need something more realistic when it comes to focusing on your breath. If you’re ready to breathe out the bullshit, this guided meditation track by Jason Headley is just right for you.

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The Ins and Outs of Acquiring and Using Medical Marijuana – Lifehacker Green Week 2016

Our very own Adam Dachis has made a return to his Lifehacker roots for a quick visit at this time of the year (#420BlazeIt) to share everything he knows about medical marijuana based on experience.  Including a story about its effectiveness for him as a therapeutic above the capacity of opioids, how medical marijuana works, it’s complicated legal status, and how to choose the right kind for safe and responsible use, this series can be a fun and educational read for just about anyone of age.

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This Street Sax Player and Drummer Will Make Your Life Worth Living

In case you haven’t felt talentless enough, this video will help you achieve that. Watch as these two guys at what looks like a subway station blow the roof off of the place with their amazing instrumental skills – not to mention their groovy dance moves. You should really watch this. It’ll be worth it.

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Featured image by Chris Waits via Flickr CC.

Religious Group Wants to Remove Citizens’ Freedom to Openly Piss

Despite the fact that humans lived in the wilderness at one point and likely had to urinate as a form of waste expenditure, this is now apparently unacceptable behaviour in today’s society. The presence of a public urinal in San Francisco has lead to a lawsuit in the form of a civil complaint by The Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco.

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How To: Repurpose a Tattoo of Your Ex-Wife After Your Divorce

Don’t you hate it when you get married to someone, tattoo their face onto your body, and then realize you don’t love them anymore and divorce them? Only to still have a detailed version of their face on your body? It’s a shitty situation, especially consider the costly and otherwise less-than-ideal methods available for removing tattoos. However, one Imgur user has found a clever way around this issue.

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