Lick your cat and comb them, too!

Ever just want to lick your cat and show them you love them? Well, me neither, but some people do and now there’s a tool to help them do it! The Licki Brush is soon to be launching a Kickstarter campaign to put their cat brush into production. While you lick, the tongue/brush combs through your cat’s fur, helping to eliminate hairballs while simultaneously giving that kitty some love and affection that they’ve always probably never wanted.

Someone in Flordia is Actually Trying to Save a Life

A Florida craft brewer, Saltwater Brewery, helped to create edible six-pack rings to help eliminate marine wildlife endangerment. The biodegradable material is made out of the grain remaining after the brewing process, so fish and other marine wildlife can eat it safely!

Usually, we have stories come out of Florida that are about a guy eating off someone’s face. This is a nice change of pace. Thanks, Florida, and thank you Saltwater Brewery!

Florida Brewery Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings to Protect Marine Wildlife | The Growler

Brinner Is Better Than Brunch

If you’re a fan of healthy, farm-to-table egg dishes then you’re in-luck because the entire brunch scene is molded around this preference. But I cannot stand for this bougie phenomenon that destroys my childhood memories of breakfast foods. Brunch should stand on unhealthy, delicious classics. Last week I ate brunch in [insert major city here]. After waiting for an hour, the hostess informed us that it would be a while longer as people closed out the restaurant’s bottomless mimosas. Sober and hungry, we watched for another hour as drunk brunchers pounded champagne.

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Action Bronson’s ‘Fuck That’s Delicious’ Promotion on ‘Late Night’ Is Fantastically Awkward

Is an appearance on late night TV still a measure of success? Does it mean that you’ve “made it?” For Action Bronson, all that it means is that he gets to spend some awkward air time appealing to people who have never heard of him.

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#Vanlife Misses the Point of Living in Your Car

Van life is experiencing a revival, aided in part by social media. People fed up with cities are actively choosing to live in their cars and post photos glorifying the lifestyle. But for all the supposed freedom of mobile residence, posting to Instagram represents an attachment that is the opposite of van culture.



In the last year, MLB pitcher Daniel Norris and professional runner Stephan Shay became high-profile advocates for van life. ESPN’s piece on Norris highlighted his unencumbered, wanderlust-filled life in a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia camper. Choosing to live in the van during the offseason despite a $2-million signing bonus, Norris described the need to “drop off the grid” before the rigors of a MLB season. Shay—who works two part-time jobs in addition to training as an olympic marathon runner—characterized his decision to live in a 1966 Cortex camper as practical. He avoids paying $1000 per month in rent and recouped his initial investment after a year. The athletes represent the two sides of the growing trend: the lifestyle and the practicality.


Although living in a car deservedly brings the assumption of homelessness, Shay believes middle class earners will drop the stigma and realize it makes sense. As millennials bore witness to the dangers of living above your means in the aughts, van life may actually become more attractive. But the trend’s most vocal supporters emphasize the lifestyle. Norris’ celebrity—in part—is based on his rejection of big league luxury and his enthusiasm for nature. Images of Norris reading Kerouac by headlamp while parked at the beach molded him into a figurehead for modern-day hippies. While living an untethered life on the open road is not a new dream, the lifestyle now has a leader and an online community.



Norris is particularly active on social media, interacting with supporters though #vanlife. Instagram photos of his VW “Shaggy” appear next to a shot of him with Matthew McConaughey. The hashtag has over 444,000 posts. Most involve a van in a scenic locale or a refurbished living space. For all of the captions on “being close to nature,” “dropping society,” and “living off the grid,” #vanlife enthusiasts manage to stay well-connected to social media.

This incongruity seems lost on the posters. For them, living in a car is a privilege: they get to take a picture of their cozy sleeping bag, filter it, and hope for thousands of “likes.” And while posting a photo of your camper amongst the woods is not as douchey as a Starbucks cup with your name misspelled, it still broadcasts a supposedly non-conformist lifestyle to the masses.

Norris and Shay—who is also active on Instagram—continually emphasize the camaraderie of the road and the envy others express towards their freedom. But a life as an Instagram contributor is not unencumbered. And the hardcore van lifers that Norris and Shay speak so fondly of would not be caught dead posting a sepia-toned photo. They are the people you can only know through a happenstance meeting at a campground, not through social media. They represent the true van life.

This Woman Is Cuckoo for Chicken McNuggets

Yes – it is a generally accepted fact that McDonalds’ Chicken McNuggets are the best form that chicken can possibly come in. But what happens what a cranky woman doesn’t get her way at 10:30 a.m.? Watch below.

I’m not sure whether it’s more concerning that the employees and manager nearly got killed by her, or that she was on the road shortly afterward.

McNugget Rampage—Security Cam (Crazy woman ATTACKS McDonalds, Breaks Window!) | YouTube

Featured image by Andrew via Flickr CC.

Now You Can Have Your Helium Balloon and Eat It Too

Ah, helium balloons. Just thinking about it makes me remember my childhood in a colorful, bouncy, high-pitched light full of sucking and popping. But, honestly, I was always a little pissed that I couldn’t eat them because they looked so edible and I was always hungry (which hasn’t changed, to be honest). Thankfully, there’s a Michelin three-star restaurant in Chicago where you can now go to make that fantasy a reality.

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