How to Fix OS X’s Annoying Birthday Calendar Notifications

You know how OS X loves to pop up about 30 birthday reminders for the same person, usually on the same day (but sometimes two days in a row)? If that annoys you and you want to stop it, this video will show you how.

Basically, you right click on the calendar in the side panel (click the Show Calendars button if you don’t see it) that you want to stop notifying you and you check the “Ignore Notifications” button.  It’s much easier to understand if you watch the video, so do that!

Apple Aneurysms

How to Poop Like a Secret Agent and Leave No Trace Behind

We all poop multiple times per week—if not per day—but most of us don’t think about how to do it properly.  Most of us, however, realize the smell it leaves behind.  That smell strikes fear in our hearts, making us worry that somebody may smell it and judge us.  You don’t have to fear poop stink.  With the right tools you can become Secret Agent Poop and leave no trace behind.

How to Poop Like a Pro