Weekly Roundup: June 27 – July 1

This week at Awkward Human, we’re talking good tasting gluten-free cookies, eating in Spain, sleeping on the Casper mattress, Petty Jars, and boyfriend biases. Join us more for next week!

Here’s a Gluten-Free Cookie That Actually Doesn’t Taste Like Shit

pb cookies

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls with Celiac Disease, you’ve suffered through enough terrible tasting gluten-free cookies. Try this recipe and feel alive again!

Spanish Food Sucks: My Study Abroad Experience in Madrid


Awkward writer Luke Reppe tells us how he missed out on the great Spanish eats (or lack thereof) in Madrid.

Review: The Casper Mattress


Need a new bed but don’t know what to get? Lindsey tries out the Casper 100 night free trial and reports back on her findings.

Why My Roommate and I Keep a “Petty Jar”


If you’ve got roommates, or siblings, or parents, or friends, or a partner, the Petty Jar system might help you blow off some steam without the hurt feelings.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend to Let Go of His Insane Bias?


Adam helps out a poor soul in need of smart car support. 


Thanks for reading! Question: Why don’t you ever hear of America knock knock jokes? Because freedom rings, mother fucker.

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Here’s a Gluten-Free Cookie That Actually Doesn’t Taste Like Shit

“Whenever you feel shitty, that’s ‘cause of gluten.” This beliefheld by Seth Rogen, people with Celiac Disease, and those on the fad diet bandwagon—has led to a world of gross gluten-free products. But with some peanut butter and a lot of sugar you can make tasty GF cookies while still atop your flourless pedestal.

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Weekly Roundup: June 20 – June 24

This week we talk rough sex, kids with nature, douchebag outfits, creative moms, and blind astronomers. Join us for more next week!

How Do I Have Rough Butt Sex Without Hurting Myself?


A gay virgin asks how to have rough sex without feeling any pain. Resident expert Adam Dachis weighs in and gives lots of pointers and tips on how to stay safe in the bedroom.

Stop Blaming Parents Every Time Their Kid Gets Eaten


After one kid fell into a gorilla exhibit, and another kid was eaten by an alligator, the public wants to blame the parents. Lindsey Brunken doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, read more to find out why.


A Style Guide to the Douchiest Urban Outfitters Outfits


Want to look like a real tool this summer? Check out our style guide inspired by Urban Outfitters, the brand for tools and douchebags alike!


Creative Advice from My Mom


Our very own network mom, Toni Dachis, gives all you artists out there tips on how to let yourself shine through your art! 


Legally Blind Astronomer Can See Deep Sky With His Naked Eye


Science gets weird when a legally blind man can see the milky way better than the rest of humanity. How is that possible? Click to find out more.

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