Ask a Porn Star: 1st Day in Porn (NSFW)

The first day of work on a new job is always a mixture of excitement, nerves and unease. Imagine if you had to have sex with a stranger, in front of a crew of a dozen or more people as well. Wood Rocket’s Ask a Porn Star series recently invited performers to talk about their first day on set and shared the results on their Youtube page.

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Fox News Doesn’t Understand What a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Is

Pizza Hut loves their temporary menu items, which often involves shoving things like hot dogs and garlic knots into the crust of a large pie to both comfort and clog our hearts.  Their latest, the grilled cheese pizza, seems to have confused Fox News over the definition of both “grilled” and “cheese.”

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Increase Focus and Productivity With Morning Pages

The cliché bumper sticker slogan that begins “I’d rather be…” is one way to describe my brain activity 5 out of 7 days of the week. Focus comes and goes unless I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum and completely obsessed with a task. So, I went and did just that. I got obsessed with tweaking my focus.

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Buddy: The Story of a Chrome Extension Companion Who Became a Troll

If you’re a developer working from home, things can get lonely. Why not use your skills to build a bot to keep you company? The following is a cautionary tale from one developer who got more than he bargained for when he & friends gave life to Buddy. Read More!

You Live in the Minority Report Film Minus The Jet Packs

A short story by Philip K. Dick in 1956 became the 2002 film Minority Report and now it’s our way of life. Here’s hoping the marketing technology doesn’t get as obtrusive as in the movie. I’d rather not pluck my own eyeballs out like Tom Cruise.

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