Our Work

At Awkward Human, we focus on work that's fun and rewarding.

To us, those are the types of projects that teach us something new and help us provide value both to the client and to people in general.  Our marketing efforts focus on education and assistance, to do the consumer a favor first before asking them to consider a product or service.

We design sites, write articles, create engaging videos, produce podcasts, and help companies take a leap into the future in a variety of ways.  Our team, as well as our extended freelance network, can handle just about any creative or marketing task and we aim to work with companies (and individuals) that share our values.

Regardless of the medium our work takes, we aim to create a personal connection with the consumer.  We like to get to know a client well before we jump into the work so we know what makes them awesome.  We need to love your brand so we can share that love with consumers in an honest and genuine way.  Advertising and marketing has a tendency to manipulate and feel fake.  We prefer to speak to consumers as unique individuals rather than members of a demographic.

To make that personal connection, we developed a stylistic, psychological, and emotional framework.  Once we know what we love about a given brand, we look at the target demographics to both understand what they love and what they hate.  We speak with members of the target markets—something we can easily facilitate through our large audiences—and learn their needs as well as what can improve their lives.  Along with good old statistics, we create a respectful message that addresses the desired demographics as people in whatever medium our work takes.