The Awkward Humans

Who are we?  Who are our guests?  Well, if you're asking those questions you've come to the right place.


Adam Dachis

Adam founded the Awkward Human Network after podcasting served as his connection to reality while battling long-term illness.  Co-host of Supercharged and the Awkward Human Survival Guide, Adam brings his expertise in content and narrative to help develop additional programming for the network and experiment with new projects.  Awkward Human began as a podcast network but has evolved into an experiment in human psychology, biology, technology, and artificial intelligence.  Adam's technical and creative backgrounds converge to bring new and exciting ideas to the network and Awkward Human's clients

Erica V. Elson

Erica is a freelance writer whose articles have been published in Gawker, Lifehacker, and the Huffington Post. She's worked every odd job in the book, encountering many bizarre situations along the way. She co-wrote the book on surviving uncomfortable situations, the Awkward Human Survival Guide and cohosts the podcast of the same name.

Richard Cardenas

Creator and host of two Awkward Human shows (Interview with a NerdCocktail Movie Recap) as well as a regular co-host of the Awkward Human Survival Guide, Richard produces a ridiculous amount of content for the network and wears many hats.  Whether finding guests for various shows, helping to develop new ones, or taking on an arduous editing job, he can handle just about anything.

Denise Langone

Denise is a Jane of all trades and handles a little bit of everything at the Awkward Human network. She enjoys speaking and learning about the human experience. Her secret dream as a young woman was to become the next Sue Johanson. She shares her own stories and insights with the intention of helping others navigate their own complicated journeys through love, dating and sex.

Darren Herczeg

Awkward's "co-host-at-large," Darren joins in on both the Awkward Human Survival Guide and Supercharged on a semi-regular basis.  Darren has produced, written, directed, and often starred in countless short films including the multiple award-winning, controversial The Boy Princes: A Tragedy Most Monstrous, the epic Barbariana: Queen of the Savages, and the bizarre Tennis. He co-hosted the Fox Movie Channel's Life After Film School (2006-2007) where he interviewed many acclaimed filmmakers. His work as a cinematographer has been broadcast on Adult Swim (Kitten vs. Newborn) and Comedy Central Holland (De Meisjes van Thijs). Darren's most recent achievements include getting crucified on a giant star of David while wearing a nude suit and covered in cream pies.


Hosts and Contributors


In addition to the primary Awkward Humans, the network enjoys the contributions of several talented creators.



Thanks to the variety of shows on our network, we get to meet lots of amazing people.  While we can't feature every one of them on this page, here are some of our wonderful guests.


If you're interested in joining us on one of our shows as a guest, we'd love to hear from you!  Please get in touch and let us know what show you'd like to be on, what you'd like to discuss, and why you'd be a good fit.