The Awkward Human Shop

We make a bunch of stuff, and we're able to make more when you buy it!  Most of our products are available on Amazon, but we've got other stuff like our art print collection that's fulfilled by a few different places—sometimes us!  If you ever want a preview of something we're working on that we haven't released yet, buy a mystery bag!

Books, Games, and More

You can get the official book and some of the games/cards you've known about for centuries, but now we also offer our variety packs, sticker and card sets, and there's more coming very soon!



You know, like shirts 'n' shit.  Mostly shirts. Shit may include (but is never limited to or by anything): socks, tote bags, hats, bats, rats, cats, and fats.

Art Prints

Do we always have to put our sweet graphics on something?  Can't you do it sometimes?  Like, buy a print and tape it to your wall.  Stop being so lazy!  Oh, but seriously, you should check these out.  We hear they're awesome, and they're on our walls!