I guess you could call this a masthead, but it’s so much less than that.  And more, too.  It’s hard to say.  This is where you can find out what we do and hear about our social media practices.  If you need to get in contact with any of us, please visit this page.

The Awkward Crew

Adam Dachis
Editorial Director
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Erica Villeneuve Elson
Co-Host of the Awkward Human Survival Guide
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Darren Herczeg
Concurrent Host of Shockhammer and Co-Host of the Awkward Human Survival Guide
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Richard Cardenas
Co-Host of the Awkward Human Survival Guide and What I Watched Last Night

Staff Writers and Contributors

Lindsey Ree Brunken
Associate Producer and Co-Host of What I Watched Last Night
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Luke Reppe

Writer and Social Media Manager

Questions, Comments, and Inqueries
If you have a question, comment, story, or whatever for the Awkward Human Survival Guide or any of our shows, you can contact us in a variety of ways through our fancy submission site

The Aloha Team
If you have any general inquiries, whether it’s about writing for the site, joining our podcast network, advertising with us, something you think we should post about, or anything else, please email  This email address will direct your message to whomever is handling requests on that given day.  All general inquiries should be directed to the Aloha Team rather than individual people at Awkward Human as your message will reach more people this way, including Adam.